Who am I?

Hello! I'm a Game and Narrative Designer studying at Champlain College. I'm passionate about video games, writing, fashion, and exploring various other art forms.

I'm also the leader of a small artistic collective I started with friends, which now has branches in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  


What am I up to?

Currently working four jobs on top of being a full time student. First and foremost, I'm the Narrative Designer and Writer at Cup o' Joe Studios, a small game studio in Burlington. Second, I own a streetwear and fashion brand that I started in my spare time over the summer. Lastly, I have two part time jobs around town. (Not too excited about the last two, but following my passions isn't always enough to pay for my college diet of ramen and energy drinks)


What about free time?

With the little free time I have, I try to occupy myself with working on my standup routines, as well as writing scripts and short stories. I also spend time designing mechanics, characters, smaller games, and art installations.

Currently collaborating with a few friends on other non-game-related projects, such as a short film and a new take on NFC-enabled smart clothing.